Justin Danks is a cross functional leader and creative director with a track record of leading 0 → 1 products, building teams, founding and leading design systems, while elevating products to a higher level of craft.

He also works as a design advisor to early stage start ups, helping shape teams and organizations through the lens of design and storytelling.

Currently, he’s a Principal Designer and Senior Manager of Product Design at Apple.


Trust Concept Car, Airbnb
Enforcement Framework, Airbnb
Tools Suite, Airbnb (8 tools)
Traveler Safety Concept, Expedia
Checkout, Expedia
Expensing, Expedia
Flight Shopping, Expedia


Design Strategy · XF Leadership · Visual Design · Systems · Experience Design · People Management · Brand Initatives · Program Management


Principal Designer, Apple (20-22) / Group Design Manager, Airbnb (19-20) / Design Lead, Airbnb (17-19) / Interaction & Transportation Lead, Expedia Group (14-17) / Design & Front-End Dev Lead, ISM (12-14)